Expert Testimony on Fingerprint Evidence Leads to Acquittal in Canada Drug Trafficking Case

The expert testified that he could not determine how long the fingerprints had been on the surface, but the placement of the fingerprints were more consistent with the drug being handled by the defendant in British Columbia, rather than Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, as the charge alleges. The expert also testified that the locations of the […]

Inman and Rudin: Could Your Lab be Next?

The latest “proceedings of lunch” from the CAC newsletter with a detailed timeline and discussion of the shut-down of the Metropolitan crime lab.  They write: “This is a watershed moment for the profession of forensic science, a sentinel event, if you will. Forensic science requires and deserves answers to the questions raised by the proceedings in […]

More Than Simply Financial Reticence to Test Rape Kits

Interesting article after the $79 Million in grants to DNA test backlogged kits – what else is preventing those kits from being tested?  Jessica Valenti opines that the dearth of testing is also due to myths about rape, victim-blaming, and a missing “ability to treat victims of sexual violence with respect.”  

Delhi police to test dog bitemarks as evidence

“Police had, in fact, planned ahead to have the dog’s teeth impressions tested for a match with the marks on Lipika’s body. If the samples match, Lipika’s claims would be substantiated and the case would become watertight.”

Faulty Evidence Prompts Dropping Of U.S. Spying Charges Against Prof

Via our friends at the Crime Report: The U.S. Justice Department has dropped espionage charges against Xi Xiaoxing, chairman of Temple University’s physics department. Last spring, Xi was accused of sharing sensitive American-made technology with China. Prosecutors cited schematics of sophisticated laboratory equipment known as a pocket heater and used in superconductor research that was sent […]

Retro Report on Shaken Baby Syndrome and the Woodward case

The NYT’s new series, the Retro Report, on the Woodward case and divided medical opinion on SBS diagnosis. “Has the syndrome been diagnosed too liberally? Are some innocent parents and other caretakers being wrongly sent to prison? Those questions, at the complex intersection of medicine and the law, can stir strong emotions among doctors, parents and […]

Oregon receives $4 million to test backlogged rape kits

After a recent audit by the Oregon State Police (OSP), it was discovered that there were more than 4,700 untested rape kits and that virtually every law enforcement agency within the state had a backlog of untested rape kits. Recently, OSP received $4 million in funding to test the backlogged rape kits. Studies conducted in […]