Fingerprints could provide clues to a person’s ancestry

Researchers at North Carolina State University and Washington State University found that analyzing the right index fingerprint can help determine whether a person is of European or African ancestry. Bifurcations in the Level 2 assessment provided the most differences between the two groups.

D.A. in Charlotte agrees to re-try a man due to exaggerated hair comparison analysis testimony

Timothy Scott Bridges was 22 when he was accused of the rape of an 83-year-old woman. He was convicted in 1991 based on testimony from an FBI expert on hair comparison analysis who said that there was a 1 in 1000 chance that the hair at the crime scene came from someone other than Bridges. […]

Ohio Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging DNA Testing Procedures As Discriminatory

The petitioner, an individual on Ohio’s death row, is challenging an Ohio law “that blocks defendants in capital cases from appealing a trial judge’s decision on post-conviction DNA decisions to an appellate court.” This law does not exist for individuals convicted of lesser crimes.