Delay in Omaha Rape Case Leads to Internal Investigations

A 16-year-old girl was raped at a party and again at her “rescuer’s” home on February 15, 2014. An investigation quickly followed after the victim arrived at the hospital, clearly drugged and battered. Police were able to obtain an eyewitness who confirmed that two men had raped the victim. Nonetheless, the perpetrators were not arrested until January 21, 2015.

An investigation is now being conducted within the Omaha Police Department to determine why there was so much delay in arresting the perpetrators. One minor slip up in evidence, failing to refrigerate a urine sample for a week, necessary to preserve drugs that may be in the urine, may also be investigated. At this time the department has yet to change and procedures or policies.

The article following the events in this case and the evidence explored at trial can be found here. Warning: this article contains explicit content.

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