DNA Collected Upon Arrest Solves Cold Case

Todd M. Richardson of Lebanon, Indiana was arrested in October in connection a suspicion of stalking. His DNA was collected upon arrest and the Indiana State Police Laboratory matched it to a 1990 rape case. He was arrested yesterday in connection to the 26 year old attempted rape case.

IndyStar reports, “In Indiana, there is no statute of limitations on rape cases when prosecutors bring the charge as a class A felony, or when DNA evidence identifies a suspect.”

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  1. How can one say that this case is solved when the man hasn’t even been to trial or had a chance to defend himself? What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? Were the two DNA samples a perfect match? Just curious. Using DNA evidence in court is still not a perfect science, unless there’s a 100% match, and even then other evidence should be given to prove the likelihood of a person’s guilt…or innocence.


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