Does the New Texas “Junk Science” Law Apply to an Individual Expert Who Recants Previous Testimony?

Neal Robbins was convicted in the 1998 death of his girlfriend’s daughter. Robbins appealed after Texas passed a 2013 statute allowing for convictions to be overturned if “junk science” was used to convict the defendant. The question before the court was whether the law applied to whole fields that have since been discredited (such as […]

If Prosecutors can use unreliable bitemark comparison against defendants, should defendants be able to use the same unreliable science in their defense?

The Washington Post examines three cases to highlight the problems with unreliable bitemark evidence. The first is a murder case from Minnesota, where the judge allowed for a bitemark expert to testify, but would not allow the expert to say that the bitemark was a positive match to the defendant. Instead, the expert was allowed […]