Blood-typing error alleged in wrongful conviction

The case of Keith Allan Harward (discussed earlier this week in this post) has presented a concern about the misuse of serology evidence. The Richmond-Times Dispatch reports: “a former forensic serologist identified a blood type in semen left at the crime scene that supported the innocence of Harward but was not reported in the serologist’s testimony or in his certificate of analysis used in Harward’s trial.”

The Department of Forensic Sciences has conducted a review of the serology evidence in this case. The chief deputy director of the Department, Katya N. Herndon, said “[w]e believe a review of serology cases is appropriate. We are in the process of determining the scope and content of this review.” There has also been a push to audit the cases of serologist David A. Pomposini, the serologist in this case.

Read more here.

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