California Supreme Court Grants Habeas to Richards in Bite Mark Case

The California Supreme Court has granted the habeas petition, in an opinion released today here, of William Richards – in his case, the prosecution bite mark expert had recanted his opinion.  The Court concluded that under a 2014 post-conviction statute in California that permits relief based on changed scientific understanding, Richard could obtain relief.  The original […]

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24,000 Plus Dookham Cases

The Boston Globe reports here that the ACLU finally obtained through litigation a list of cases potentially affected by ex-state chemist Annie Dookham’s work – a full “quarter of the successful prosecutions by the district attorneys that used her laboratory.”  Needless to say, a tiny fraction of those cases have been reopened.  Indeed, “the vast […]

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Epigenetics in the New Yorker

Read here about controversy surrounding an account of epigenetics research in the last issue of the New Yorker.  The article is by Siddhartha Mukherjee – and in response, scientists, including Jerry Coyne, called the piece “superficial and misleading”due to its focus on “histone modification and DNA methylation,” while insufficiently discussion “transcription factors — proteins that attach to […]

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Hannibal and DNA Tests of Horse Manure

From the New Yorker, here, as archaeologists have tried to assess what path the Carthaginian general Hannibal took, with soldiers, elephants, and horses, in the legendary crossing of the Alps: “Last month, a team of scientists published a two-part study suggesting that Hannibal and his ever-dwindling company of soldiers and animals took a southerly course, […]

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