Supreme Court of Alaska on IDs

An important ruling today from the Supreme Court of Alaska – jettisoning the Supreme Court’s 1977 Manson v. Brathwaite framework in favor of more detailed and more research-informed set of factors, recommending pre-trial hearings, jury instructions, and use of experts on eyewitness memory – (and then finding any errors in the particular case harmless). The ruling cites the National […]

National Geographic on Forensics

The latest issue of National Geographic, here, on efforts to improve forensics.  “It’s been seven years since the National Academy of Sciences report called for a complete overhaul of forensic science. Some of its recommendations—to create a National Institute of Forensic Sciences, for example—are unlikely to come to pass for financial reasons, say government sources. […]

DOJ Proposed Standards for Forensic Testimony

Read here a set of proposed documents that “arose out of the department’s ongoing, multi-year effort to strengthen the practice of forensic science.  Once finalized and adopted, these documents, known as the Uniform Language for Testimony and Reports, will apply to all department personnel who issue forensic reports or provide expert forensic testimony, including forensic experts […]