Members of Parliament in the UK criticize the new Forensic Science Strategy for being too vague

Members of Parliament have criticized the Forensic Science Strategy that was created by the Home Office because the strategy fails to provide a clear, coherent vision and a clear for how to implement this vision.  Other criticisms from parliament include:

  • It is “vague” about how plans for police to secure forensic services from private contractors, on a local level, will deliver a consistent national approach
  • There was an “evident failure to consult widely on the strategy” before it was published
  • There is a lack of detail about a potential joint biometrics and forensics service, which “risks being taken forward” before the biometrics strategy is published
  • There is still a “pressing requirement” for more research into the quality of forensic science and its role in the criminal justice system.

The full Forensic Science Strategy can be read here.

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