Defendant whose conviction was thrown out as a result of the Dookhan drug lab scandal will not get refunded for court fees and probation costs

A man whose conviction was thrown out amidst the Dookhan drug lab scandal was not able to recover court costs and probation fees. Because the case was sent for retrial and  dismissed, rather than being overturned on appeal, he cannot get the court costs refunded. The court also determined that because probation fees were paying […]

Supreme Judicial Court questions whether to provide a blanket dismissal to the 24,000 convictions in which Dookhan was involved

The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts is grappling whether a blanket dismissal its warranted for all of the approximately 24,000 convictions in which former drug chemist Annie Dookhan was involved. Defense attorneys, joined by attorneys from the ACLU of Massachusetts, argued that remedies for potentially affected defendants have been slow and ineffective. Additionally, evaluating each […]

Questions about ballistics evidence arise in Aaron Hernandez case

After the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology condemned the use of ballistics evidence in courtrooms, Aaron Hernandez’s defense attorneys filed a motion to exclude expert testimony related to ballistics, citing PCAST’s report. The report calls for judges to be better gatekeepers in deciding what kind of evidence should be presented to a jury. […]