Forensics@NIST Conference Nov. 8-9

Featuring Keynote Jules Epstein, Professor of Law and Director of Advocacy Programs Temple Beasley School of Law, Philadelphia. Professor Epstein is a member of the National Commission on Forensic Science, has worked on two DNA workgroups and in capital case trainings for the National Institute of Justice, and on a working group on latent print issues for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He is co-editor of Scientific Evidence Review: Admissibility and the Use of Expert Evidence in the Courtroom, Monograph no. 9, (ABA, 2013) and The Future of Evidence (ABA, 2011) and served as section editor for the Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences, 2nd Edition (2013). Professor Epstein has lectured on forensics to judges, attorneys, and forensic scientists.

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Professor of Law, Duke University

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