DOJ proposed to create and Office of Forensic Science and Forensic Science Board within the Department

“The mission of the Office of Forensic Science is to strengthen and promote the use of forensic science within the judicial system by supporting forensic science service providers, as they continually improve the validity, quality, and practice of forensic science through innovative solutions that focus on research and development, testing and evaluation, technology, information exchange, training and capacity building […]

Idaho Innocence Project Employs New Forensics Technique to Exonerate Two Men

Dr. Greg Hampikian, a professor in criminal justice and biology at Boise State University, came to the aid of Daryl Pinkins and Roosevelt Glen. Pinkins and Glen were sentenced to a combined 101 years in prison after they were wrongly convicted of rape. During the initial trial, the pair were excluded as potential DNA matches, but the […]

Over 2,000 Texas Inmates to be Notified of Faulty DNA Tests

  The Austin Police Crime Lab closed in June of 2016 after the state government uncovered faulty and outdated testing procedure at the facility. Approximately 2,200 Texas inmates will receive notice that DNA tests used in convictions, ranging from 2004 to 2016, could be erroneous.  Cases also include rape and murder convictions. Authorities have just begun […]

Chicago Forensic Analyst’s Tests Called Into Question

A former forensic lab analyst, whose tests were invoked in a number of convictions, has been partially discredited. Pamela Fish often told the court that her tests were inconclusive rather than exclusionary. Her lab notes indicate that many of her tests were actually exclusionary. This discrepancy played a key role in a number of convictions, […]

Regulation (or lack thereof) of Crime Labs

The Austin American Statesmen describes how “Despite their high-stakes work for the criminal justice system — from convicting the guilty to exonerating the innocent — forensic labs are surprisingly underregulated.”  They note that a 2013 survey of Texas public labs found that “13 percent had obtained  certification. For DNA examiners, it was only 5 percent. (Texas […]

OSAC will be streaming discussions on forensic sciences online Feb 13-14

There will be free live webcast of the Public Status Reports & Open Discussion meetings of the Organization of Scientific Area Committee for Forensic Science (OSAC). These meetings will take place in New Orleans, LA, beginning at 8am CST on February 13-14, 2017, as part of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) annual meeting. Register […]