Lousiana Employing New DNA Technology to Re-Visit Cold Cases

Officials at the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab have elected to employ familial searching as a means to identify close relatives of potential suspects in cold cases. Familial searching, in contrast to conventional DNA identification, uses partial matches or commonalities to identify individuals with a similar DNA profiles. This process allows law enforcement to identify relatives […]

Thousands of Convictions to be Vacated Amid Massachusettes Chemist’s Tampering Charges

The Boston Globe reports that tampering charges levied against Annie Dookhan, a former Massachusettes state chemist, will result in thousands of drug-related convictions to be vacated. Overall, Dookhan was involved in 24,000 convictions and over 40,000 cases. Only a few hundred of those convictions are set to remain. She admitted to over 24 charges of […]

Fooling Smartphone Fingerprint Readers?

A story in the NYT, here, about research published Monday by researchers at New York University and Michigan State University suggesting that fake fingerprints prints that include common features.  The researchers did not use a phone maker’s software, though, and apparently companies are investigating anti-spoofing protections.  Chris Boehnen, of the federal government’s Odin program, said: “What’s concerning here […]