Due Process and Access to Experts

The Supreme Court’s ruling this past week in McWilliams v. Dunn, on its face is about the ability of a defendant facing the death penalty to put on a meaningful defense case concerning mental health evidence.  Thirty-one years ago, the Alabama trial court denied all of the defendant’s requests for expert assistance.  And that is […]

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New DNA Reversal in Bitemark Case

Last week the Hartford CT judge ordered Alfred Swinton, who had been imprisoned since 1991 freed.  For coverage of Mr. Swinton walking free, see this article in the Harford Courant.  He said: “Freedom, freedom. It feels so good.”  New DNA tests on a range of evidence, including scrapings from the victims fingernails and DNA testing of saliva […]

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Science Friday on Forensics

Listen or read here as NPR’s Science Friday discusses the state of forensics.  Suzanne Bell, describes: that there is a “big disconnect that has led people to believe that forensic science is fine—it’s in good shape, it’s funded, it’s supported—when in fact it’s not,” “If we’re not going to cough it up for justice, what are […]

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