New Study on Lay Understanding of Forensic Statistics

Bill Thompson and Eryn Newman (both from UC Irvine’s Department of Criminology, Law and Society) have posted an interesting new study to SSRN. Here is the study’s abstract: Forensic scientists have come under increasing pressure to quantify the strength of their evidence, but it is not clear which of several possible formats for presenting quantitative […]

Faulty Evidence Prompts Dropping Of U.S. Spying Charges Against Prof

Via our friends at the Crime Report: The U.S. Justice Department has dropped espionage charges against Xi Xiaoxing, chairman of Temple University’s physics department. Last spring, Xi was accused of sharing sensitive American-made technology with China. Prosecutors cited schematics of sophisticated laboratory equipment known as a pocket heater and used in superconductor research that was sent […]

Changing Interpretations of DNA Mixtures Vex Legal System

DNA has often been referred to as the gold standard of forensic evidence. And when comparing a single sample to a suspect, that’s true. When DNA evidence includes mixtures of DNA from multiple sources, however, the scientific community is still figuring things out. And it takes years for new knowledge to pass down from the […]