Fooling Smartphone Fingerprint Readers?

A story in the NYT, here, about research published Monday by researchers at New York University and Michigan State University suggesting that fake fingerprints prints that include common features.  The researchers did not use a phone maker’s software, though, and apparently companies are investigating anti-spoofing protections.  Chris Boehnen, of the federal government’s Odin program, said: “What’s concerning here… Read More Fooling Smartphone Fingerprint Readers?

Regulation (or lack thereof) of Crime Labs

The Austin American Statesmen describes how “Despite their high-stakes work for the criminal justice system — from convicting the guilty to exonerating the innocent — forensic labs are surprisingly underregulated.”  They note that a 2013 survey of Texas public labs found that “13 percent had obtained  certification. For DNA examiners, it was only 5 percent. (Texas… Read More Regulation (or lack thereof) of Crime Labs