Kulbicki vs. Hinton

This week, we will ask commentators to weigh in on the Supreme Court’s per curiam ruling in Kulbicki.  One jumping off point is a comparison to last year’s per curiam opinion in Hinton v. Alabama, another case examining lawyer’s failure to adequate develop forensic evidence at trial.  The outcome was different.  In Hinton, a death […]

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Reversal in MD v. Kulbicki

The per curiam order reversing the Court of Appeals of Maryland is available here – http://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/100515zor_4f15.pdf#page=77. We hope to bring you more commentary on the ruling later this week.  The state habeas litigation revolved around an FBI agent’s testimony as the prosecution expert on Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, or CBLA.  The expert did not find an “exact” match but […]

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