Forensic Science Resources

AAFS – the American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Forensics Organizations – a list of professional forensics organizations

Forensics Resources – a blog maintained by the NC Indigent Defense Commission

NIST – the NIST forensic science page

NIST Forensic Science Center of Excellence

NIJ Forensic Science page

The Innocence Project – forensic science and DNA exonerations page

CCI-HQ – consultants on human factors and cognitive issues

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  1. Maybe you know someone who could answer this question? I am an author and innocence advocate

    I have a quick question that you might be able to answer. I want to know if I had a detailed analysis of a blood sample that contains multiple metabolites of cocaine, would it be possible to determine when that cocaine was taken based on the different decay rate of the metabolites. I was thinking that there might be some way to use math to determine based on the various amount of metabolites in the blood sample how long ago the sample is taken simply because the ratios of the metabolites will be different overtime assuming that the decay rates are different. What is your thought on that and I appreciate any advice you might have.


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